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The FlipMyFunnel Podcast

Jul 31, 2018

Stop selling as if you’re a perfect 5.0.

Products with a 4.2 - 4.5 out of 5 star review sell better than those with a perfect 5.0.

Why? Because vulnerability fosters trust.

A product with a perfect review sounds like a salesperson’s dream, but modern consumers are wary of products that sound too good to be true (because they almost always are!), assuming an authenticity and transparency from a slightly lower rating.

We recently had the chance to sit down with Todd Caponi, author and sales researcher, whose passion and curiosity about sales growth has led him to dig deep into the neuroscience behind this vulnerability “phenomenon”.

During our chat, Todd explained why being upfront about your products’ vulnerabilities can not only earn the trust and business of potential customers, but can shorten your sales cycles.