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The FlipMyFunnel Podcast

Jan 31, 2018

Selling to the first customer is not an easy task but there are lots of lessons that can come out of it. Sangram shares his experience to sell to the first customer of Terminus and you don't want to miss what he did when the customer asked for the price!

Jan 30, 2018

In this one we talk to Godard Abel, Co-founder and Executive Chairman at G2 Crowd and CEO at SteelBrick before he sold it to Salesforce, about how there are many different factors in determining the success or failure of a leader or business.

Jan 29, 2018

Jon Miller, CEO of Engagio, shares the big 5 metrics for account-based marketing.

Jan 26, 2018

Sue Duris, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at M4 Communications, wrote about three things C-suite Execs must do in order to NOT be lying when they say “customer experience is everyone’s job.”

We talk about those three things in this episode.

Find Sue's post 

Jan 25, 2018

Don’t let your SDRs waste their time chasing 500 different accounts.

In this one, Todd McCormick and Peter Herbert talk about how to give your SDRs time back in their day to make real, personal connections.