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The FlipMyFunnel Podcast

Oct 31, 2018

Forcing function are the greatest reason why innovation happens in companies at a rapid scale.

Think annual conferences like salesforce - the teams know that they have to a whole new messaging, product, acquisitions, and many other things to make the event stay relevant. Can u imagine salesforce not launching anything new at Dreamforce?

Think steve jobs unveiling the new new iPhone as the world watches him.

But there a forcing functions that can help you do just that in in your role and company:

At Terminus - we rolled our weekly all hands where product or a team will showcase what they are doing each week

Think local events that will create urgency

Bringing customer in the office will drive attention to details and office culture and clean up

Sending customer success and tech people periodically on visits to customers to learn who the customer is

Customer of the month program

Boards meetings are a great setup for it too

For individual contributors:

  • status update meeting with agenda and action items before you end the meeting
  • Priority list of saying what we will do and what we won’t
  • leading with purpose and results to-date so it sets a clear context and gets everyone on the same page